Tahani Ruhi Helmy is a writer, lecturer, and trainer. Her work focuses on Human rights and social change, media and social responsibility, and Interfaith activism. Throughout her 25 years of experience, she addressed social issues related to the rights minorities, refugees, and gender issues. She is also engaged in raising awareness in interfaith dialogues, media, and social action projects. 

Living in different countries for over 16 years as an expat journalist, Tahani’s view on human rights and the role of media plays on social discourses was enriched and broadened.

 * Managing pioneers’ projects on youth empowerment programs called Al Karama (Human dignity).

* A strong desire to know the truth of the matter. Excellent reporting and interviewing skills and reporting across a variety of platforms, including print, television, and online social media.

* Speaker at various local and international platforms. Panelist in different conferences and hosting a pioneer Round Table discussion with key actors on the topic relating to empowering youth, Interfaith, and dialogue and other social issues.

*Motivated self-starter and highly skilled creative thinker, which gives them tools to stay focused on an assignment and see it from a new perspective.

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  1. I do not think I can find the right words to describe Tahani, but I will try. She is pure positive energy and happiness, hard-working and multi-tasking, her personal friendships and work acquaintances are forever. She is honest, has values and principles, she will NEVER do anything that may harm others. Fun to be with, time passes without feeling it, I always end up our meetings with – I wish I had more time with you. Amazing family person, dedicated, she has it all. May God Bless her.

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